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Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Builder in Hyderabad

Choosing a builder for your new house is as important as selecting the house itself. Whether you’re looking for condos, townhomes, places in development, or custom-built homes, you deserve to buy confidently. Choosing the right builder might be difficult, so here are some things to consider.

Experience and Reputation of the Builders

The service and quality provided by the builders will be satisfactory if they have been operating in the field for several years. The longer one has worked in an area, the more experience they will have gained.

An experienced contractor will have references from happy clients and examples of their previous work to show you. Several sources can shed light on builder reputation:

Check the builder’s rating; read internet reviews; speak with locals who live in similar developments; get in touch with the city’s building inspection office; conduct a public records search.

Quality of the Builder’s Work

Look at the model home the builder has set up and see how the flooring, cabinets, paint, and fixtures hold up before choosing the right builder. Inquire further about the builder’s choice of electricians, plumbers, and roofing contractors and the quality of their work.

Transparency and Communication with the builder

You should hire the best-quality builders in Hyderabad who keep you in the loop and are open and honest about their process. A contract outlining the scope, schedule, and cost of the work to be done should be provided to you when all negotiations have been reduced to writing.

A further sign of reliable builders in Hyderabad is using third-party inspectors regularly throughout construction. The roof, plumbing, and electrical systems, as well as the foundation, should all be inspected. It’s also important that your builder has insurance.

Licenses and Insurance

Your safety may be in danger if your builder lacks the required licencing and insurance. You risk losing your first deposit and possibly more if something goes wrong and they are forced to close. Ensure your builders in Hyderabad are real and operating legally; you are responsible if unlicensed workers are on your property.

Price and Payment Methods

This is one of the most important considerations before hiring a builder. To be clear, this is not a competition to see who can offer the highest or lowest price. A potential builder’s estimate for your project must provide a full explanation, in the form of a quote, for every component, from the cost of materials to the cost of labour. It’s crucial to compare home builder pricing for the same scope of work using the same quality of materials. The mode of payment is also something you need to be aware of.


After gathering all the necessary information, carefully consider which reputed builders in Hyderabad will best suit your needs. Consider and evaluate this choice because it will affect your life for a long time.


  • Who is the best builder in real estate in Hyderabad?

 Regarding real estate construction in Hyderabad, Greenspace Celestial is a top   contender.

  • What legal documents should I review before hiring a builder in Hyderabad?

 Before engaging, you should check the builder’s Encumbrance Certificate,   Commencement Certificate, No Objection Certificate (NOC), and Occupancy   Certificate (OC).

  • What questions to ask the builder before buying a flat?

 When discussing purchasing an apartment with a builder, you should inquire     about the following.

  • Is the site of the project in an active growth zone?
  • The real price tag.
  • How sturdy is the building overall?
  • Will you receive our order on time?
  • What exactly is the land’s square footage? 


  • Who is the best builder in real estate in Hyderabad?

Regarding real estate construction in Hyderabad, Greenspace Celestial is a top contender.

  • Which floor is best in a high-rise building in Hyderabad?

According to market research, the finest floors to invest in a high-rise property are those on the lower parts of the building.

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Top changes that Covid-19 has brought about in the space of home

The covid-19 pandemic has altered the way we perceive and live life. Major changes have taken place in the way we function and operate in society. Even the space of our household has witnessed major alterations. It is significant to understand that these alterations will sustain even after the world has successfully battled with coronavirus. The shifts that we have adapted ourselves to are here to stay for a long time. Top residential builders in Hyderabad are making note of all these alterations and we are likely to witness a new approach in the making of newly constructed flats for sale in Hyderabad.
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Things to keep in mind when buying your first home

Find a reputed agent:

Finding the right property agent is the first step that you should take when you decide to buy a house. Find a reputed agent who has experience in the localities that you are looking to buy a house in. Make sure that the agent you pick has up-to-date knowledge about the real estate market. Your agent’s experience, knowledge, and negotiation skills can be a boon for you and help you find the right home.

Begin identifying properties

With the help of your agent, begin identifying properties in the area of your interest. Make sure you make a list of your key parameters before you start shortlisting properties. Figure out your expectations from your homes, such as the amenities, features, and specifications.

Set your budget

The price of the house is one of the most crucial parameters. You need to decide right from the beginning how much you can afford. Remember, apart from the cost of the property, there are going to be other overhead charges like stamp duty, legal fees, brokerage, etc. too. Once you have shortlisted the properties, start evaluating their worth in the context of their selling price and make a list of properties that fit your budget.

Look into legal matters

Before you buy a property, make sure the seller has the title of the property and other legal documents. If you are looking at houses in a society, ask for occupancy and safety certificates. If needed, get a legal expert to advise you on the agreements and also help you with other legal formalities involved in buying a house.
Other factors that you must keep in mind before you buy your first house

  • Check the sanction plan of the project to ensure that the project is approved and legal.
  • Make sure you take all no-objection certificates.
  • Know the payment procedure before you buy the house.
  • After picking your payment plan, fix your home loan.
  • Remember to ask for an allotment letter once you pay the booking amount.
  • Make sure a sale agreement is signed with the buyer. Make sure that you go through the deed thoroughly.
  • After you have attained possession of your home, remember to register the sale deed and get the property registered in your name.

Planning to buy your first home? Find the best 2 & 3 BHK homes in Hyderabad at the best price only at Greenspace. We have a lot of new projects launching soon and coming from one of the top builders in Hyderabad, you can rest assured that this house is going to be everything you dreamt of and more!

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