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As you invest in new apartments in Kokapet Hyderabad, you want to make sure that your new property is perfect in all possible aspects. Before you finalize your brand-new home, it is imperative for you to consider important Vastu tips for apartments to ensure that your house welcomes prosperity and luck all your life.

Importance of Vastu in Buying Apartments

The Indian architectural science and learning of Vastu Shastra has served as the foundation for identifying as well as building the best and the most prosperous living spaces. When you follow the principles of Vastu Shastra for apartments, it helps you & your family to live the entire life with more happiness, prosperity, wealth, health, and luck.

The ancient practice of Vastu for apartments and houses has gained immense popularity quite lately in the real estate domain. You should understand the importance of Vastu for identifying and developing spaces that drive maximum benefits out of living in them.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra for Apartments

While buying apartments, in addition to the overall budget and timely delivery, the architectural science of Vastu Shastra is also regarded as a crucial criterion as you build your dream home. Vastu for high rise apartments or houses include science-backed principles that are followed by an increasing number of home-seekers. Whether you follow North-facing apartment Vastu or South-facing apartment Vastu, you can look forward to imbibing a wide range of benefits -including improved health, more wealth, increased happiness, and better prosperity throughout.

Vastu Direction for Apartments

The concept of Vastu Shastra is based on the rules of directions with respect to the development of a new structure or placement of certain items. Therefore, you can easily come across options like West-facing apartment Vastu, East-facing apartment Vastu, North-east facing apartment Vastu, South-east facing apartment Vastu, and so more.

It is crucial to follow Vastu tips for apartments to ensure a peaceful life.

10 Vastu Tips to Keep in Mind

  1. The direction of the flat’s construction or plot should be facing east or north. Directions like East and North are believed to have a positive impact on your residential complex.
  2. The plot for the apartment should be either rectangular or square. You should avoid investing in irregularly-shaped plots like circular, oval, or triangular.
  3. The shape of the structure or building should effectively align with the respective Vastu norms. You should pay attention to the concept of ‘Gaumukhi’ and ‘Shermukhi’ shapes in the science of Vastu Shastra.
  4. You should avoid buying apartments that are dark-colored towards the interiors. Dark colors in furniture, walls, floors, or other aspects will attract negative energy.
  5. Potential buyers of new apartments in Kokapet Hyderabad should also consider the placement of toilets, kitchens, staircases, and the main door according to the norms of Vastu Shastra.
  6. Avoid investing in apartments having large bodies of water in the West or South direction.
  7. Make sure that the kitchen of the apartment fits well in the South-east direction as per the norms of Vastu. When the kitchen is in the south-east direction, food will be prepared in the east direction. It is regarded as something auspicious.
  8. When you are buying a new flat, the bedroom should be ideally positioned in the southwest corner. It will help you unwind effectively after a tiring day. The position of the bedroom in Vastu Shastra is crucial to ensure that your home is a peaceful abode.
  9. It is crucial to check if toilet or bathroom is in the southeast or northwest corner of the apartment. Vastu tips for apartments also suggest that the bathroom should not be adjacent to the Pooja room.
  10. Natural light holds immense importance in Vastu Shastra. The architectural science prefers the presence of ample balconies and windows in the east or north direction.


Buy the best apartment in Kokapet Hyderabad by looking into the most effective Vastu tips for your home.


1. Is Vastu applicable for high rise apartments?

Yes. You can leverage the principles of Vastu for your high-rise apartments as well.

2. How to check Vastu for apartments?

Vastu for apartments that face south are not considered good. North-east directions are regarded the best for investing in an apartment.

3. Which facing is the best for apartments?

You should invest in a North-east facing apartment according to the principles of Vastu Shastra.

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