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Finding a new apartment involves finding the right amount of space to fit your entire family. It is not just about searching for a property, but rather a home for your loved ones. If you are a single person, you may think a small studio space will be enough for you. But think about the guests who may come over, such as a group of friends for a house party or your parents who want to come over.

So, before making any real estate investment decisions, consider whether your new apartment size would suit the needs of each inhabitant, including yourself, your parents, your spouse, and your kids.

5 Things to Consider While Choosing an Apartment for Your Family

Consider these things before choosing family apartments.

Assessing Your Family Size

Determine how many people will be living in this house now and in the future. Assess living room space for all those occasional guests who may come over and stay for days or months, such as your parents, other family members, or a group of friends. And if you are planning kids, make advance plans for a kid’s room to accommodate the forthcoming little members.

Evaluating Living Space Needs

After assessing your family size, evaluate the personal preferences of each member. It is always best to invest in a larger space as your family is going to grow. Also, you may need a separate study or workspace, along with an attached toilet and children’s rooms. Find a larger family living room, dining room, bedrooms, and kitchen.

Determining the Right Square Footage

Determine how many square feet you need depending on your family size and the stuff you need to fit in, including furniture. Avoid buying studio apartments even if you are single unless you have budget crunches, as many of these properties don’t have enough room for a bed and a couch. Determine what can and cannot fit in your living space. Whenever you are confused, you can seek help from a real estate consultant to calculate square footage accurately.

  Deciding on the Number of Bedrooms

This is a vital step when choosing new apartments in Kokapet, Hyderabad. Irrespective of the property’s unit size, ensure that the house has an adequate number of bedrooms to fit all your family members. Furthermore, check that the apartment has additional bathrooms that you will need, especially if you have a large family.

Considering Amenities and Layout

An apartment’s floor plan may show plenty of square feet on paper. But you need to verify that, in reality, all those spaces would fit all the apartment amenities. Focus on the apartment layout. Even if the apartment expands across a large area but has too many smaller spaces, you may feel cramped or boxed in. So, conduct a thorough tour of the house and check its features and amenities, such as entertainment spaces for watching TV, etc.


To conclude, finding the right home is vital to leading a peaceful life. We know it is overwhelming to choose the appropriate Kokapet apartments, as there are multiple things to consider. We hope the above tips will help you select the right apartment size to fit the living needs of your current and future family members.


1. What is the best size for an apartment?

If you are a single person with no such guests coming over, a 1-bedroom apartment ranging from 550 to 1000 sq. ft. would be perfect. But if you have a large family, go for 2- or 3-bedroom apartments to accommodate every member and their furniture.

2. Should I consider my pets when choosing an apartment size?

Yes, definitely! Consider the number of pets and their size, along with their play spaces, exercise rooms, size, the number of pet homes, and other needs.

3. How much living space should I aim for per person?

While choosing an apartment for your specific family size, you must ensure that every member gets a proper living and sleeping space, especially when you have a large family. An individual may need anywhere between 200 and 400 square feet, depending on their personal preferences and living requirements. Choose a family room size with this calculation in mind and consider their comfort factor too.

4. What if my family grows after I choose an apartment size?

This is why we recommend you choose a larger apartment, especially when you are planning to have kids or adopt pets. You may not have such plans in the near future, but keep in mind that almost every family grows. So think long-term.

5. Can I use furniture to maximize living space in a smaller apartment?

For smaller apartments, you can arrange your essential furniture in a way that utilizes space economically. You can make customized furniture to solve the space issue. And try to arrange furniture around a specific focal point so that all your furnishings become the room’s center of attraction. It will give your room a larger look.

6. How do I know how much storage space I need?

To calculate the perfect storage space, multiply the length, breadth, and height of all your belongings. Accordingly, determine the right size of your storage room, and keep room for new additions.

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