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Buying a home is not a simple task. We need to look into a lot of details and plans before we choose to go ahead. But in a world where everyone is running towards something all the time, home is where you pause. That is why, even if the rest of the world feels crowded and cramped, our homes and surroundings need space that makes you comfortable and lets you breathe and relax. 

At Greenspace Celestial, we understand how important expansive areas are to you. In our latest project, Greenspace Celestial Kokapet apartments, we ensure that you enjoy the enchanting spell of a magical home setting. We prioritise giving both privacy and space in such a way that you can create life-defining moments and enjoy them in your own way. In this blog, we would like to walk you through the different facilities at Greenspace Celestial and how they offer your space to flourish. 

Experience Extra Space and Comfort at Greenspace Celestial Apartments in Kokapet

 Before we begin to understand how Greenspace Celestial Living lends you a wonderfully spacious area that gives you both comfort and luxury, we try to understand what some extra space in your house could actually mean to you. The land spaces are decreasing day by day, and with a fast-growing area like Hyderabad, it is very hard to find houses that are spacious. 

 But Celestial offers you that. When you have vast scenery around your house, offering expansive green views, it makes for a more tranquil and peaceful living area. While the space outdoors makes you feel unboxed in one place and lets you breathe freely, the space inside matters too. It is here that smart appliances and creative interior designs come to action. When done properly, you can find or manage to have ample space in your home that could be converted into a different space based on your purpose, like a study room or studio. Even otherwise, more space means more air, more light, more comfort, and more relaxation. 

 How Greenspace Celestial Enhances Comfort with Expansive, Open-Layout Design

Greenspace Celestial is a project currently under construction. A look at its layout design will tell you its focus is on providing expansive living facilities. Located in Kokapet, Hyderabad, the building is spread across an area of 8.51 acres, offering flats for sale in Hyderabad. The project has nine towers, which together have 750+ units. 

Comfort is where you get to enjoy the expansive views and outdoor fun as well as relax in your privacy and feel secure. Greenspace Celestial’s open layout design is based on this concept. We offer more than 25 residential amenities, which include everything from outdoor sports and swimming to children’s play areas and pet-friendly places. A look at our building outline and layout design would tell you about the greenery all around. 

You have a jogging track, seating area, cricket nets, children’s play area, lawn, skating rink, half basketball court, elderly seating area, badminton court, and more at Greenspace Celestial, which offers you expansive views, ample space to spend your free time, and several amenities to enjoy the day with your friends and family. A clear design and construction to offer you the best are why it is one of the major projects to consider if you are looking for apartments for sale in Hyderabad.

Exploring the Abundant Space and Airiness that Define Greenspace Celestial’s Residence

There are two reasons why you would enjoy the space at Greenspace Celestial Residence. One, we offer an excellent indoor arrangement facility, which ensures you have more space to enjoy your life. On the other hand, we also understand that a more welcoming, green-filled, and spacious outdoors matters a lot to you. As soon as you enter the residence, you will be hit by the green wonders of our place. The plants along the promenades will add a more pleasant feeling every time you get home.

Especially after COVID, we have realised how cramped our places have become. In this concrete world filled with walls and buildings, all that we need is a few minutes with nature. So, we make sure you have many facilities to enjoy the magical outdoors. Whether you want to do a quick meet-up with your friends or just enjoy a book on a calm evening, there are many open spaces, like the lawn, which also has more amenities. For example, the central courtyard is a space perfectly built for you to unwind and have fun with your family members. After a long day at work and school, all that your family needs is recreation. It could be as simple as a long walk along the garden or some energy-filled badminton. Whether you want to relax or re-boost, the amenities here are endless. You can buy 2 BHK flats in Hyderabad in Greenspace Celestial and lead a luxurious life with access to several facilities. 

Besides the wide open spaces that let you enjoy nature, there are also numerous sports activities at Celestial to help you always follow your passion and keep you fit. You also have indoor games if the weather gets too hot or cold to manage. Guess what’s more? There are also yoga and dance studios and a swimming pool. Apart from these, we also have a dedicated place for your children to play and enjoy. You also have a gym, movie theatre facilities, and a multipurpose hall to add some excitement to your lives. 

 Making the Most of Ample Space for Personalization and Creative Arrangements

Often, having space is considered directly proportional to owning a large chunk of land. However, that’s not entirely accurate. Even if you have a lot of land but build too many rooms or have too much furniture, you are not going to have enough space. The good side of this concept, then, is that even with an average area, you can make room for ample space. 

At Greenspace Celestial, you can experience the best of both worlds. Not only do you get a large area, which lets you have more space, but you also have creative arrangements that make more room for whatever you want to do. For example, the idea behind open-concept living is that you don’t have separate rooms separated by walls for your kitchen, dining room, and living room. Instead, in a single large space, you combine all these areas. Such a concept easily helps the room feel more spacious because you do not have walls occupying huge spaces and there is more airflow. Light peeking through from the outside isn’t restricted either. 

It creates more space for you to move around and relax. Likewise, at Greenspace Housing, we have many creative arrangements and interior designs that will help you make the most of the large space available. With functional freedom equipment, nowadays a wall is no longer only a wall. You can easily have it built as a storage unit. Your beds don’t have to take up a lot of space. There are also several flexible furniture types on the market that serve multiple purposes: a sofa when relaxing and a bed while sleeping. You can incorporate such personalisations to make the space more comfortable.  

The Tranquil Spaciousness of Bedrooms in Greenspace Celestial Apartments

Bedrooms need to be tranquil spaces to help us destress and stay happy. As much as it is important to have quality mattresses and proper air conditioning for a peaceful sleep, you also need to have a spacious and calm atmosphere. At the end of the day, we enjoy retreating to our bedrooms, hopeful of catching some sleep and dreaming a little more. And Celestial lets you experience life and lifestyles to the fullest. 

With shades of colours that put you in a good mood and a spacious arrangement of your bed, lamp space, and other facilities, everything is crafted with care to help you feel at ease in the private space of your home. Most of our demands today are spelled out loudly in the simplest way possible. We want our bedrooms to have ample storage space, but the design should also be creative in the way that it looks luxurious and gives us a sense of comfort. This gives us a sense of stability. This is also the core idea with which we construct the bedrooms in our buildings.  

In Greenspace Celestial’s, a 3BHK home is 2070 square feet. With one master bedroom and two other bedrooms, they are designed in a way to provide you with a lot of comfort. All three bedrooms have attached bathrooms, while the master bedroom also comes with a special dressing room. As far as the interiors go, all three rooms have furnished cupboards to help you with storage, while the master bedroom is also planned to accommodate a sofa and an additional wardrobe. In all of these rooms, the furniture is limited to the mentioned items so that you can enjoy a spacious area. Besides these, you have a kitchen area with a small puja room on the side. Based on the concept of open living, you get a singular large room that comprises a living room, dining room, and drawing room, one end of which leads you to the beautiful balcony that offers a serene view of nature and wonderful amenities around. 

Balconies and Windows that Connect Indoor Comfort with Outdoor Scenery

What fun is there in having a luxurious outdoor life without being able to enjoy it from the comfort of your own room? Today, most of us work from home or follow a hybrid working model, which means we go out fewer times than we used to. While it saves us a lot of time, we also get stuck within the regular four walls sometimes. But you might not have more time to go out every day just so that you could re-energise. It is why the balconies and windows play a major role as your door to relaxation. 

If you feel too cramped indoors but still don’t want to step out, head to the balcony at your home in Greenhouse Celestial. With trees and plants around, you can let the cool winds rush past you, giving you a sense of freshness. While the rooms are spacious and airy, you can always open your windows and balconies to breathe fresh air while also enjoying the vast views in front of you.


  • Is Greenspace Celestial more spacious?

Yes, there is ample space at Greenspace Celestial, Kokapet. We are building houses bearing in mind that constant contact with nature and options for multiple recreational activities make our days better. We have lawns, gardens, parks, sitting areas, parking spaces, and more.

  • What amenities are available at Greenspace Celestial?

There are numerous facilities, including a gym, yoga centre, entertainment zones, community hall, parking lots, walking and jogging area, elder’s seating area, children’s play area, lawn, courtyard, outdoor game facilities like cricket and badminton, and indoor gaming facilities. 

  • What are the nearby institutions in Greenspace Celestial?

Since the apartments are built in an 8.51-acre area with several amenities and ample space, it is only natural that we would like to cross-check about nearby facilities. Fret not. From schools and shopping complexes to the best dining areas, Greenspace Celestial is surrounded by many quality locations. 


Hyderabad is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. While its rapid urbanisation and modernisation are hugely beneficial for a lot of us, we might also slowly find ourselves feeling more stressed and cramped. A more spacious living area with several amenities could be the game changer. Not only does this extra space help you feel relaxed and comfortable with luxury around, but the countless amenities mean you have so many options to enjoy your recreational activities and spend quality time with family. If you are planning to buy a house or studio apartment in Hyderabad, one of the most beautiful cities, you must definitely check out the Greenhouse Celestial Kokapet apartments.

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