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When you purchase an apartment, selecting a floor on which the apartment will be located based on your preferences is essential. If you are looking for flats for sale in Hyderabad, you can choose to purchase apartments situated on the ground, middle, or top floors of an apartment complex. If the apartment complex is a high-rise, the apartments will start on the first floor. The ground floors usually consist of multipurpose halls, shared toilets, parking areas, and other facilities. Here are the essential features of apartments located at different heights of an apartment complex and what you should consider while selecting a flat.

1. Ground Floor Living

Undoubtedly, the primary positive feature of a ground-floor apartment will be accessibility. You do not have to wait for an elevator to reach your apartment, which becomes a major positive factor if your aged parents live with you. For them, climbing stairs or waiting for the elevator to take them to your apartment can become challenging. Moreover, you will get easy access to the grounds associated with the property from the ground floor. However, it is essential to remember that when you purchase an apartment on the ground floor, you will not get any views and must tolerate noise and pollution. So, when looking for flats for sale in Hyderabad, you must remember that ground-floor living only offers easy accessibility.

2. Middle Floor Living

When you purchase an apartment on the middle floor, you will find several facilities, like living on the top floor. Middle-floor apartments offer excellent property views, and simultaneously, you can be assured of safety and security. Unlike ground-floor apartments, where safety can become a concern because of the easy accessibility, you can access the middle-floor flats mostly with the help of elevators. These apartments are also reasonably high above ground level, making break-ins comparatively difficult. This means you can be assured of more safety.

When you purchase a middle-floor apartment, you will find that it is an excellent decision if you want to keep your expenses within a budget. If you are looking for apartments for sale in Hyderabad, you will find that middle-floor flats are often in demand as they are usually cooler than the top-floor ones. This means the apartment will not become unbearable even if you keep the air conditioner switched off for a few hours during the day or night. This is essential if you want to reduce your energy expenses.

3. Top-Floor Living

If you are looking for a spectacular view from all the rooms of your apartment, then you must choose a flat on the top floor. Top-floor apartments are among the most sought-after among first-time home buyers looking for flats for sale in Hyderabad. Such apartments offer both views and privacy. You will find no noise pollution and complete privacy in a top-floor apartment. As there will be minimum foot traffic on the walkways and landings, you can be assured of your privacy. Sometimes, home buyers are concerned about the accessibility of a top-floor apartment. You will find that more than one lift accesses apartments on the top floor. Thus, if one of the elevators stops working, you can access it with the help of an alternative one.

Another reason for choosing a top-floor apartment is the security offered by it. The chances of break-ins are comparatively lower in a top-floor apartment. You can only access these flats from the terrace or with the help of stairs or elevators. Even for a burglar, accessing a top-floor apartment from the terrace will be dangerous! Thus, you can be assured that such an apartment will offer you and your family excellent security.

4. Factors Affecting Floor Choice

You must consider certain factors when selecting an apartment on a particular floor. For instance, your lifestyle and preferences are essential, and you must consider this while purchasing an apartment. If you want to enjoy spectacular views from the apartment and want, at the same time, complete privacy, then the top-floor apartment is the best option. But if you wish to have both views and accessibility, you can opt for a middle-floor apartment. One thing you must remember is that a top-floor apartment can prove to be quite expensive compared to a middle-floor one. Hence, talking to your real estate agent to understand the apartment and check if it is within your budget is essential. It would help if you also considered that individuals living in a middle-floor apartment would have access to the same facilities and amenities available on the property as a top-floor apartment.

5. Making the Decision

Before you decide, discussing the best apartment for you and your family with real estate agents is essential. You will find that discussing with experts will give you a better insight into the pros and cons of purchasing a ground, middle, or top-floor apartment. Based on your requirements and budget, real estate agents can help you select the best apartment for you and your family.

When selecting an apartment, you must consider the amenities the building offers. It is better to purchase an apartment in a high-rise, such as Greenspace Celestial’s Kokapet apartments. Such apartments will have 24/7 security, power backup, surveillance, and firefighting systems. All these are necessary to offer complete safety to the people living in the building. Consider these when deciding to purchase a property.


When you purchase a property, it is more than just the apartment within the building. You must consider the requirements of your family. This is essential, as they can help you with accessibility, evaluating the energy requirements of the family, and the security you must provide. If you want one of the best properties, check out Greenspace Celestial’s Kokapet apartments.

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