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Have you finally made the decision to move from your family house to a gated community?
While living in a traditional single home seems to have emotional value, residing in a gated community comes with many perks. 

Living in an independent, traditional home may come with a few perks. But a gated community offers peace, luxury, and happiness. As a married woman, you just want your privacy and a place where you can enjoy luxury living. 

Young married women prefer living in a gated community, and there are several reasons for purchasing Kokapet apartments. Now that you’re here, we will be shedding light on the growing preference of young married women wanting to live in a gated community over a traditional house. You will feel compelled to purchase an apartment in a gated community after reading this informative post.

Let’s get started! 

The Appeal of Gated Communities

In today’s world, everyone’s busy running in the rat race. Nobody has the time to sit and relax. With limited time, people have limited interactions with others. That’s precisely why most married women prefer living in a gated community. This is where they can live a quality life! 

There is a sudden popularity of purchasing houses in a gated community. Residential spaces offer a quality lifestyle to people who have no time to interact and lead a fast-paced life. 

So, a gated community is a specific set-up that provides a cohesive social life with a quality residential experience. Independent flats or apartments are enclosed by a boundary. There will be a building that has several apartments and flats. Each floor may have 2, 3, or 4 apartments. It depends on the project you’re choosing. 

Big complexes have all the facilities the residents require. For example, residents can buy daily essentials from grocery stores and commercial shops. There are entertainment areas where residents can gather and mingle with each other. Play areas are meant for kids. This is where they can play and interact with other kids. Swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, community halls, etc. are some of the key features of an apartment complex. 

So, as you are now aware, gated communities are luxurious, and they have all the amenities. Smaller communities may have fewer amenities, but they are still secure and green. That’s right! There will be a lot of green space in a gated community.

Gated Communities: A Haven Of Security

Homeowners associations take care of the gated communities. They have certain rules and regulations that the residents ought to follow. The rules are meant for the welfare of society and anyone who lives in it. 

For example, certain gated communities do not allow bachelor tenants as they may create nuisances in society. For this reason, there may be a few rules for tenants. Also, society may ask prospective owners to furnish all the documents before they can buy a property in a gated community. Families prefer living in a gated community because they feel secure. Rules and regulations are followed by all, and if some of them are broken, then the governing body ensures there are fines. 

Gated communities have a robust security system as well. The entrances are monitored, and there are CCTV cameras in all the public areas and buildings. There is a dedicated parking space for cycles, bikes, scooters, and cars. 

The security guards are deployed at the entrance and exit gates as well. And there are records of all the entries, so you can catch the perpetrator in case anything happens. This is why married women or anyone who wants a secure and stress-free life choose gated community living over traditional houses.

Amenities and Convenience 

When purchasing a residential property, you have to select the ideal location. You can find apartments for sale in Hyderabad that fit your budget and are also in the ideal location. A great gated community complex will be near schools, colleges, railway stations, airports, malls, grocery stores, and entertainment hubs. For example, real estate builders and developers endorse the property on different sites, saying that the XYZ complex is 8 km away from the airport. This is a great selling point! So, most working married women prefer living in a gated community that is close to their offices, malls, and schools. They can go to work and also pick up their child on the way. 

Maintenance and Lifestyle 

When living in a gated community, you can expect flawless maintenance. The maintenance team ensures that the lawns are manicured and everything is sparkling clean. In fact, dog owners can walk their dogs in specific areas, and there are poop zones for the same. When you live in a traditional home, you have to clean everything and assign duties to different people. In a gated community, you can be stress-free. There are sweepers, trash pickers, and other staff that clean the parks and swimming pools. 

Top it up with a serene environment. You can enjoy large green spaces, so basically the whole area is meant for the convenience of the residents. 

In today’s world, people like to live a fancy life. They want access to the gym, swimming pool, tennis court, and badminton court. A gated community offers all that and more! Usually people head to a resort or a hotel to enjoy these amenities, but now you can have them without spending your time or money on travel. 

The society clubs also have restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a meal without needing to cook at home. So, gated community living is indeed convenient. 

Customized Living Spaces 

Traditional homes require a whole remodelling project. But gated communities can be customized the way you like. You can install your choice of lights, buy a wallpaper that suits the interiors, and get the flooring done as per your taste. So, everything can be customized the way you like. 

Customizing a traditional home can be expensive, but customizing the apartment would not be a costly job. So, of course, it is the best investment. You can do what you like to the apartment, but make sure you do not make any major structural changes to the property. 

A Great Financial Investment 

As a married woman of today’s age, you can make an investment in a gated community. Your plans change at some point, and that would require you to travel to another country or state. At those times, you can rent the property and reap the monetary benefits. 

It’s a great financial investment, so make sure you are purchasing the right kind of property. Research a lot before checking out flats for sale in Hyderabad

And whenever you are back in town, you may use the property for personal use. It’s a win-win situation for you! 

Tips For Purchasing a House In a Gated Community

Purchasing a flat or an apartment in a gated community means gaining all the facilities. But don’t just rush into the decision. Before you sign the papers or apply for a loan, keep a few aspects in mind.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the tips for purchasing a house in a gated community. 

  • Research before purchasing a flat or an apartment in a gated community. Choose a reputable builder and find out about their track record in building gated communities. You may check their official site and also speak to the residents about the current condition. The residents residing in the community will let you know about the advantages as well as the loopholes. 
  • Do you know what the most important aspect is? It’s the location! Young married women want convenience, so they choose a location that is close to their office or their child’s school. They do not want to live in an isolated space. Make sure you are choosing a location that is close to everything and has high growth potential as well. If you want peace, you can choose a community that is far from the city. But, when it comes to married young women, they would want a convenient location. 
  • Check if the property documents are verified by a reputable lawyer or someone who specializes in real estate. You do not want any hassles later! 
  • Nobody knows your financial situation better than you! Property is a major investment, so you have to ensure you are financially stable before investing your money. You may also need to check if you are eligible for a loan. 
  • Get an estimate of the maintenance charges. You do not want to receive an unpleasant surprise later on. Maintenance charges are meant for the upkeep of the outdoor and indoor areas of the gated community. 
  •  Make sure the security features are top-notch in the society. You do not want to live in a society where security is not top-notch. There should be CCTV cameras, security guards, boom barriers, safe lifts, secure entry and exits, and all the other security features within the society. You do not want to miss anything! 
  • Builder floors are inexpensive, and society homes come with a price tag. So, when you purchase an apartment, you are paying for the security features, luxurious amenities, etc. You would know the difference when you enter a society and once you check out a builder floor. 
  • Check the rules and regulations of the complex. Some gated communities do not allow pets, and others are pet-friendly. You would want to opt for a gated community that allows pets. If you have a pet, it makes it easier for you to raise your furry friend. 
  • Make sure the apartment complex has an intercom facility. Anyone who visits you will have to go through the process of connecting with you through the intercom. This is the most important security feature. 
  • If you want to engage with other residents, ask the sales office about the activities and festivals that are celebrated within the society. In case it is a new apartment complex, then you can initiate the celebration of festivals and conduct activities.
  • When you live in a city, you are exposed to toxic air. But most of the gated communities have a green and clean space, such as a park or a green lawn. The open space ensures you get clean air. This is the way you can reduce your carbon footprint when living in a gated community. The complexes also have grocery stores, meat stores, and other stores, so you don’t have to take your car or bike out too often. A clean space is a dream space! Look for a community that has the feature of e-vehicle charging and other eco-friendly practices. 

Concluding Thoughts 

If you are thinking of purchasing a flat in Hyderabad, you’ve made the right decision.

As a young married woman, you want peace, a modern space, and a positive and green environment. At some point, you will be thinking of raising children, so schools should be near. Also, you want a play area and all the luxurious amenities that will keep you happy. You will get all that and more in Hyderabad’s gated communities. Make sure you read about the builder and their projects. 

A trusted builder will have several new and old projects that you can invest in. 

Use this time to research. Check out some properties and compare them. Once you compare and discuss the financials with your partner, you will know what to buy. 

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