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The covid-19 pandemic has altered the way we perceive and live life. Major changes have taken place in the way we function and operate in society. Even the space of our household has witnessed major alterations. It is significant to understand that these alterations will sustain even after the world has successfully battled with coronavirus. The shifts that we have adapted ourselves to are here to stay for a long time. Top residential builders in Hyderabad are making note of all these alterations and we are likely to witness a new approach in the making of newly constructed flats for sale in Hyderabad.

Let us have a look at the various ways in which covid-19 has impacted the space of our homes:

The Changing Social Fabric:

The pandemic insists that we observe social distancing even with our close friends. Even after the lockdown was lifted, people observed precautionary measures while visiting their family and friends. This need for maintaining social distance is going to be internalized in the construction of the best flats for sale in Hyderabad. Premium builders in Hyderabad will now focus on building spacious rooms instead of increasing the number of rooms in the flat. In terms of structuring as well, closed and cozy setups will be replaced by open and spacious structures. Best flats to buy in Hyderabad are going to be those which include ample open spaces and sources of natural light in the space of the home. Our extended stay inside the closed walls has made us realize the importance of proper ventilation and openness in the home.

Channeling of Attention towards Interior Design:

As a result of spending such a long time at home, people are paying close attention to minute details of their home design. Interior design is gaining unprecedented importance. Interior design plays an important role in defining the vibe of the place. Best builders in Hyderabad are most likely to reject whites and pastels and opt for bright and vibrant wall colors for 2 and 3BHK flats in Hyderabad. It is because we no longer come to our homes for just peace and comfort. Our home has become a venue for parties and other gatherings. To match the needs, vibrant colours are making their way into our homes because they help in uplifting the mood and adding to the excitement. In addition to that, 2 3 BHK flats and luxury apartments in Hyderabad are including greenery in the interior design. Vertical gardens and hanging pots are the new vogues. Not only do they increase the oxygen levels but also add to the liveliness of the place which is much needed in times like these.

Inclusion of Office-space in the Space of Home:

No other phrase describes 2020 better than “work from home.” With the internet becoming more important than ever and virtual media becoming prominent, our habits and routines are bound to change. People are beginning to realize the need for a separate space in their homes from where they can take calls and attend meetings. As a result, separate cabin-like spaces with soundproof walls are becoming a unique selling point of newly constructed flats for sale in Hyderabad. Top real estate developers in Hyderabad are most likely to make the best of this new trend.

Infrastructural Inclusion of Home Hygiene and Sanitisation:

Hygiene and sanitization have been on top of our minds throughout the pandemic chaos. We are more alert to cleanliness and hygiene than before. One can expect the infrastructural inclusion of sanitization equipment in the 2 3BHK gated community flats for sale in Hyderabad. The whole point of a gated community is to provide maximum safety and security. And in the present times, safety against the coronavirus is of utmost importance. Best real estate projects in Hyderabad will have the added feature of sanitization equipment in well-furnished flats.

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